7 Ways To Get Straighter Teeth

Everyone dreams of a perfect smile, just like the one Hollywood stars have. But the road to get straighter teeth is not that simple. There are many options to choose from, but always do that under the advisory of your dentist or orthodontist. Below you will see the ways you can actually upgrade the appearance of your teeth. All techniques have advantages and disadvantages, and some will be appropriate for your case while others won’t.

Cosmetic Dentistry


If there is no major orthodontic treatment needed, one of your options might be veneers. Of course, you would definitely need to consult with a dentist or orthodontist first. Veneers are meant to correct slight imperfections including chipped teeth, diastemas, shorter teeth, discolorations, misshaped teeth, and more. They can’t be used for teeth that require orthodontic treatment such as rotated, intensely inclined, crowded, bad oral hygiene and more.


If there is an option for veneers, it is a quick and painless way to improve your smile. When your smile needs to be upgraded only a little bit, so that you get straighter teeth, your options definitely include both veneers and Lumineers. Make sure that you get in touch with your dentist to discuss this furthermore.


Composite Bonding

This is another part of cosmetic dentistry, that does not include any orthodontic appliances. It actually involves the use of composite, the same as the one meant for fillings. It is a procedure that can better the look of teeth that don’t have to be treated with orthodontic appliances. The indications are almost the same as for veneers. The dentist will use high-quality composite on the surfaces of your teeth and change their shape and form. It is not painful at all and it’s a very affordable option.

Metal Braces

Metal braces used to be one of the most popular ways to get straighter teeth. But as dentistry becomes more advanced, people are looking for a much more aesthetic option. But this doesn’t mean that the traditional braces are not often used. On the contrary, they are still one of the first orthodontic techniques which provide great results. The length of the treatment depends on the individual case of the patient. It can last from less than a year up to several years. Also, these conventional braces are the least expensive compared to the other types. That is the main reason why a lot of people still decide to get them, combined with their efficiency. In the past metal braces were very much different from the modern ones. These days another option is self-ligating brackets, a more advanced option compared to the classic one.
Metal Braces

The metal braces are made of several components. The first one is metal brackets, which are placed on every single tooth. These brackets are connected with a wire, that helps in the movement of teeth. The metal rings that are placed on the molars are called bands. You will often see colorful elastic bands around the brackets as well. These are just a part of the basic components, but there are many more used for different cases. With time, the teeth will come into the desired position, completely changing the smile of the patient for the better. Yes, the metal braces are visible, but it is not a strange thing to wear them since a lot of people do. If you are not comfortable with this treatment option, you might want to look at the more aesthetic ones.

Ceramic Braces

This is another efficient way to get straighter teeth. They look very much like the metallic one, with the only difference that the material is ceramic and less noticeable. The ceramic material means that they come in a tooth-colored hue or a clear one. That is the only big difference that separates them from the metal type. The technique is completely the same, with the same end results. These brackets are still visible, and people will know that you’re going through orthodontic treatment. When it comes to the other parts, they can also be done in a ceramic material that is barely noticeable. It all depends on the choices of the patient in agreement with the orthodontist.

The length of the treatment is similar to the traditional type and can last from several months to several years. Of course, the biggest advantage is higher aesthetics. Just like with any other procedure this one also has several disadvantages. The main one is that they are more expensive compared to the metal braces. Another thing you have to remember is to avoid staining foods and liquids. The ceramic braces can be colored and oral hygiene is very important during the treatment.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are not a special type, just a separate technique. Both metal and ceramic braces can be placed on the front surfaces of the teeth, but also on the lingual ones. It is the most aesthetic option, since no one will notice that you actually have braces. In other words, you can still wear braces without anyone knowing. The effect is almost the same as with the traditional technique. It can be only a bit slower, but that’s not the case with everyone. The benefits are really important to most patients. As mentioned, everyone seems to be looking for a way to straighten teeth without having braces. This method provides an amazing smile without any visible parts of the braces. No wires or brackets in the front.

The disadvantages are minimal if you provide perfect oral hygiene. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your everyday routine will become even longer and more detailed. You’ll have to make sure that every surface is perfectly clean to avoid dental decay. But this thing also applies to the traditional braces as well. Some patients need extra time to get used to the lingual braces while talking, but that’s only temporary. They are not an option for every single patient, so the best thing to do is consult your orthodontist first. You also want to consider that the price is higher from the previous two types.



These days Invisalign is one of the most requested methods to get straighter teeth. This technique has plenty of advantages and it became a favorite among patients very fast. The almost isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard of Invisalign. It includes sets of aligners, which are made of a transparent material, meaning it is almost invisible. The patient gets the aligners during the visit at the orthodontist, and is advised on how to use them. People usually need some time to get used to wearing them, but the good thing is that you can remove them to eat, brush your teeth, and at any other time that you like. This is not an option with braces because they are fixed and glued to the teeth.

One of the disadvantages of Invisalign is that not all patients can opt for it. It is definitely not meant for more severe misalignments. The second one is the price of the whole treatment. If you are willing to pay and enjoy the comfort that Invisalign provides, you will certainly be happy with the results. The visits to the dentist are usually every second or third week.

Mobile Appliances

Mobile appliances are a very diverse group of orthodontic appliances. They are commonly used with younger kids at a certain age. Not a lot of orthodontists will recommend them for adults. Each one of these mobile appliances addresses a certain problem in the mouth and the patient can take them out of the mouth. They are used during the period of growth, when they are most effective. Mobile appliances can deal with bad habits as well.

Dental Restorations

Although not recommended, some patients still decide to deal with their slightly malpositioned teeth by getting crowns or bridges. Every dentist will first advise you to try out orthodontic treatment. If you are not interested in any of the options that it offers, there is a way to get straighter teeth with fixed restorations.  This only applies to the patients who are not ready to go through months of orthodontics and improve their smile. The indications are also limited. Dental restorations are expensive, so get ready

to expand your budget. We have to repeat that this is far from the best solution, especially if you have healthy teeth and you’re only bothered by their appearance.