Dental laboratory

Today, our dental clinic located in Bf Homes/Paranaque has its own dental laboratory using the latest technology in this field. We are proud to offer our clients the best dental services in the Philippines. Our dental laboratory respects all international quality standards, and we try to offer a good quality-price ratio.

Cad Cam

We are proud to work with a Sirona cad cam, a Sirona Ineos scanning unit and a Inlab Mcxl milling unit. We offer guaranteed high precision due to the computerized working process.

Cad Cam


Zirconia is a preferred material in modern dentistry due to its durability and remarkably high tanslucency. There are many different shades of zirconia material we can choose from.


Crown and bridge construction procedure

The procedure starts with careful preparation and impression taking.



All dental technicians working in our laboratory are well trained, having graduated from the best dental schools in the country.

Please contact us in case you are interested in a business partnership with our dental laboratory.