Dental laboratory

Our dental clinic, located in Bf Homes/Paranaque is connected to a dental laboratory. We are proud to serve the best dental technician quality in the Philippines and offer all kinds of dental technician products for our patients. This dental laboratory exists already since 2000 . The dental lab works in an international standard, most of their works are delivered to Germany, USA and Japan.

Cad Cam

We are proud to work with cad cam from Noritake/Japan.Cad Cam is based on a scanning process of the impression model. The scanned image is translated to zirconia frame. Guaranteed high precision because of the computerized working process.


Cad Cam Cad Cam machine


The advance of Noritake Zirconia is that, this material has precolored blocks compared to other brands. Also the higher tanslucency is remarkable. On this picture you can see the different shades of the zirconia material.


Hows the procedure of crown and bridge construction ?

The procdure starts with the preparation of the dentist and the impression taking.




milling machine



crown build upAll dental technicians working in that laboratory are well trained, coming from the best dental schools in the country.

Please contact us in case you are interested in a business partnership with our dental laboratory.