Periodontal Therapies

The definition of a periodontal disease is the inflammation of gums with attachment loss. The reason of that disease can be plaque accumulation or systemic diseases like HIV, Diabetes.... Plaque is an accumulation of carbohydrates, which build up a matrix. In this matrix many bacterias are located, which can be responsible for decay and periodontitis.

How can a Periodontitis be treated?

A periodontitis can be treated by scaling, that means the mechanical removal of stains. Scaling can be performed manually or with ultrasonic instruments.We are using also in some cases antibiotics to treat systemically the periodontitis.

What alternative or additive treatment options exist for a periodontitis?

Additive to the scaling or alternatively antibiotic medications can be used to remove bacterial colonies which cause the periodontal disease. A modern alternative is the removal of stains by laser technology. Right now there are many types of laser machines on the market, with different kind of laser technology. Carbon dioxide lasers, Erbium Yag lasers or hujs lasers are some of them. Regarding the newest studies only the Erbium Yag laser with a frequency of 2,93 micrometer is recommended to use for the removal of subgingival stains . This is based on the smooth surface which can be produced by this type of laser, compared to the rough surfaces other lasers are producing.

Periodontal Therapies Manila

Why is it recommended to treat a periodontal disease?

An untreated periodontitis can cause tooth loss, but except for that a periodontitis can cause also systemic diseases like diabetes, heart attack, strokes and more.

How long takes the treatment of a periodontitis?

The treatment of a periodontitis has 3 stages, the first stage the initial therapy includes a statement of the current situation, like bleeding index, plaque index, periodontal pockets. The second stage includes the active treatment of the periodontitis like scaling, root planning. The third stage is the stage of keeping the periodont in good condition.